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Virus & Malware Removal

Simpson Computer Services - Tucson Virus Removal and Malware Removal provides virus removal services for Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Is your computer so slow that it is unusable?  Are you experiencing advertisement pop-ups that start as soon as you open the internet?  Are there programs running that you haven't installed?  Is there an anti-virus that you did not install, telling you that there are 800 virus's on your computer that can be removed if you just pay them?

Tired of being extorted by a fake anti-virus that can't be removed?

Simpson Computer Services can help.  We offer a free evaluation, and a free antivirus installation on our first visit to your home*.

Does this Look Familiar?

Does this look familiar? Win7 Antivirus 2012

Call (520) 745-4446 and we will get rid of it!

Services include:

  • Virus/Spyware/Malware/RootKit removal
  • Repair: OS issues including the cause of crashes
  • Repair: Lockups, Freezing, Error Messages or unusual PC slowness

*free antivirus installation offer is only valid if installation can be completed using normal installation methods

Virus Bulletin

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